Sypool monthly report in March

March is over, let’s give a shot at what we’ve got in March and share our recent update, always keeping you informed of our past breakthroughs, ongoing projects, and future plans.🤞

📝About the project

a. Testing SAPs on mainnet. We have created Solana Eco Index for testing and it performed well since its inception. Now the rate of return is 46.75% and the yield peaked at 58.74% during this period.

b. We have made an intro video for Sypool, watch the video here👇 to get a thorough understanding of Sypool🐳

c. Adjusted some front-end display issues, and fixed the transaction display problem. Now it works well.

d. Shared our Demo with DoraHacks for Solana RIPTIDS Hackathon East Asia. Check the demo to know more about Sypool. 👀

e. Listed on BitWell.

🧬About the tech

a. Debugging. Fixed some bugs and improved some user experience.

b. Since the staking program will face migration problems and users might accidentally close some accounts which will cause withdrawal staked SYP to fail, we are designing staking V2 to avoid these problems.

c. New type of SAP is being designed.

d. Farming features are being tested and modified, after being finished, users can stake LP for SAP trading pairs and earn SYP rewards.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦About the community

a. We held a giveaway event to warm up mainnet launch and got 30k growth on Twitter.

b. We held an AMA with BitWell.

c. The event with Project Galaxy ended well.

  • 3387 Eligible users and 6.7million staked SYP increased. 🚀
  • 19335 site views increased from Sypool campaign.

👨‍💼About investors and partners

a. Talking to some other projects for collaborations on SAP.

b. Collaborated with BitWell for listing and co-marketing.

Some future plans


More listing.

Start mainnet testing.

Reach out to some potential partners.

Invite other trading teams to deploy strategies on our platform.

Design more interesting SAPs.


Test new SAPs.

Improve UI for both PC and mobile.

Design and develop new functions.


More activities with other projects are being planned.

Mainnet testing event is being planned.

Twitter Space is being planned.

Investors and partners:

Collaborate with protocols and wallets with dapp stores to launch our dapp.

Collaborate with trading teams and other projects to launch new SAP.

“If the mountain will not come, then one must go to the mountain.” We couldn’t wait for the common to understand our crypto world. We MUST make this world easier for them to take part in.— — Jackson says.

📟If you want to know more about Sypool, follow us on Twitter, join us on Telegram, drop in discord.



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Sypool Protocol

Sypool Protocol

Sypool is a synthetic asset management protocol.This is another innovation that we have migrated finance from off-chain to on-chain.