Sypool monthly report in June (from June 1 to June 30)

Sypool Protocol
2 min readJul 15, 2021

In June, Sypool team has accomplished many goals and we will keep the pace to achieve more in July. We have made a review of June from four aspects.

📝 About the project

a. New ideas keep popping up.

At the first place, there was no other usage of shares token, SAP than hodling. Now we have the idea that users could trade or stake their SAP as collateral to launch a loan in the future.

The manager of assets-backed quantitative trading SAP is required to over-stake their governance token, SYP as collateral. Now we have changed some of the rules. These SYP staked could also share the farming rewards with other stakers.

b. Roadmap updated. Some details were added to the roadmap and we modified the execution time of some plans.

c. We have a new logo and a mascot, popo.

🧬 About the tech

a. Website has been launched.

b. The functions of staking, trading, minting and burning have been completed.

We’re in private testing now. The testnet will be launched in the near future. Early minters are welcomed and will get some tokens through airdrop as rewards.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 About the community

a. It’s a breakthrough that our twitter has reached 15k+ followers, telegram has reached 9k+ members and discord has reached 4.5k+ members.

b. We hosted an art competition on discord. There are various of creative artworks in our artwork channel.

c. Many interesting activities are being planned. Please stay tuned and participate actively.

👨‍💼 About investors and partners

a. Sypool has reached a long-term relationship with NGC Ventures.

b. Bella Protocol invested in Sypool and has become a long-term partner.

c. Pyth allied with Sypool in charge of deliver real-time on-chain market data.

d. Sypool collaborated with Solar Eco Fund.

e. Tensor Investment Corporation invested in Sypool.

Some future plans

Although we have taken a big step, we are still on the road. There are still many missions need to be completed.


IDO is being planned.

Cex & Dex listing is planned.


Testnet will be launched soon as well as the function of staking.


Giveaways will be hosted.

An airdrop will be given to participants of the testnet after our token is ready.

Investors and partners:

More private round investors are closing.

“Everyone understands this crypto world is experiencing a revolution. However everyday the team and I are making some progresses. All what we do is seeing a problem and fixing it: DEFI needs professionals! ”— — Jackson. Co founder

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Sypool Protocol

Sypool is a synthetic asset management protocol.This is another innovation that we have migrated finance from off-chain to on-chain.