Sypool monthly report in December (from December 1 to December 31)

Happy new year! 2022 is here, and we have done a lot at the end of 2021. Meanwhile, we also looked ahead to 2022 and planned what need to be achieved in 2022.

📝About the project

a. The final round of testnet trading competition is over. Winners will be able to claim half of the rewards this week and claim the rest once we launch mainnet.

b. Integrating Chainlink Price Feeds on Solana to optimize fund management services.

c. Listing on MEXC.

d. Three of the winners’ artworks have been minted into NFTs on DeFine Art. Holders of these NFTs are eligible for the internal test of the mainnet, and if the price of SYP reaches $1 at next Christmas, they are able to claim 100 SYP on the web.

e. Metabot2150, a gamefi project has become the first to join sypool eco. And they just have launched their web and litepaper.



🧬About the tech

a. Codes audit is ongoing.

b. Staking V2 is under testing. We have redesigned the new interface of staking.

c. Redesigned the interface of mint/burn

d. Added dashboard.

e. New interface for pools.

Many new things appear on our dapp every day, feel free to browse our dapp and give us your feedback.


But this is not the final version, still many things to get improved. Stay tuned for more updates!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦About the community

a. We hosted an art contest on discord. Winners’ artworks have been minted into NFT and have been sent to them.

b. We had an AMA with Coin Mühendisi.

c. We have opened up an account on trading view and will start sharing our views on the market.

👨‍💼About investors and partners

a. MEXC listed our token, SYP and held some campaigns to welcome SYP new users.

b. By integrating Chainlink Price Feeds, we will be able to track asset prices reliably.

Some future plans


More listing.

Reaching out to some potential partners.

Invite other trading teams to deploy strategies on our platform.

Designing SAPs for mainnet.


Launch staking once the audit finishes.

UI for both PC and mobile will be done.

New functions are being designed and developed.


More activities are being planned.

Mainnet testing event is being planned.

Investors and partners:

Collaborate with protocols and wallets with dapp stores to launch our dapp.

Honestly, we don’t really “plan” things. When you’re on the road, everything evolves by itself, and they push you to the new frontier. — — Jackson says.

📟If you want to know more about Sypool, follow us on Twitter, join us on Telegram, drop in discord.



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