Sypool monthly report in April

April just passed and our mainnt beta is ready to go! Let’s have a review about what we have done in April and what will be achieved in the future.

a. Get everything ready for the mainnet beta. Open up Solana Eco Index and get the token listed on Solana, named SIX.

b. Listed SIX/SYP trading pair on Serum and Raydium.

Serum ID: E1ye95NWm5uHDGv5BcmfqmUhNktzP2UJ6ooBAgosztn5
AMM ID: 3PhjEuXsufThq4y9aAvM7wiMrQaaNTKqJT3XCRM8YwTS

c. Open up the AMM pool on Raydium, and set up some initial liquidity. We will add more liquidity once the beta testing gets started.

d. Transferred $SYP to both BNB Chain and Ethereum through Wormhole Token bridge.

Contract on BSC: 0xBA1Ee032E9eD59AD0c0216e55C561767529615FB Contract on Ethereum: 0x69512e863D108A82DBD968b2D9A5697AB1eeC666

Now $SYP is ready to open up new trading pairs across the chain.

a. Testing new type of SAP.

b. Testing staking V2 and fixed a bug on the harvest function.

Staking V2 will fix the migration problem perfectly. If there is still something that needs to be improved, we will start coding version 3.

c. The test version of farming is completed and the official one is still coding. We will adjust the official version according to the test result.

a. Define Anniversary Carnival ended successfully.

b. Joined AcendEX’s Twitter Space to share some updates about us.

c. Held giveaway with our eco-project, Metabot2150.

d. Hosted AMA with Metabot2150 in our telegram group.

e. Hosted Twitter Space together with BitMart Exchange.

Feel free to check the record here:

a. $SYP will be supported in the upcoming StrikeX Wallet.

b. Coin98 now supports our dapp.

c. Thanks to Wormhole, $SYP is now transferrable between Solana, BNB Chain and Ethereum.

Some future plans

More listings.

Start mainnet testing and make improvements based on the testing result.

Reach out to some potential partners.

Invite other trading teams to deploy strategies on our platform.

Design and test more interesting SAPs.

Test new SAPs.

Improve UI for both PC and mobile.

Design and develop new functions.

More activities with other projects are being planned.

Mainnet beta testing task is coming soon.

Twitter Space with other communities is being planned.

Collaborate with protocols and wallets with dapp stores to launch our dapp.

Collaborate with trading teams and other projects to launch new SAP.

Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing wonder and awe, the oftener and the more steadily we reflect on them: the starry heavens above me and the blockchain codes on Github. — — Jackson says.

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Sypool Protocol

Sypool is a synthetic asset management protocol.This is another innovation that we have migrated finance from off-chain to on-chain.