Sypool monthly report for June

June has passed and our mainnet beta is nearing completion. We have fixed several bugs and are testing the new product, Quant SAP. It's a fund with shorting strategies which might be more suitable during the bear market.

📝About the project

a. Mainnet beta is still ongoing. All users who have completed tasks are eligible to share up to 2,600,000 $SYP (Final Prize Pool + Weekly Prize Pool + Farming Reward).


b. Farming on Sypool is still opening. The APY is sent around 150%.

Users can get the LP token by providing liquidity on Raydium.


c. Improved the assets display of Quant SAP. Now the dev are working on positions display. Once finished, Quant SAP will be ready to go.

Feel free to check the internal testing process on our dapp:

d. Opened up a swap section and integrated 0xGen to provide a one-stop swap solution multi-chains.

🧬About the tech

a. Fixed the bug on trading history display of Quant SAP.

b. Fixed apy display bug of farming.

c. Testing Quant SAP.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦About the community

a. Hosted a twitter space together with Pyth.

b. Joined the AMA hosted by Solana Daily.

c. Hosted AMA with Sentre

d. Had an AMA with Tap Fantasy.

👨‍💼About investors and partners

a. Partnered with Sentre on dapp launch.

b. Collaborated with Tap Fantasy to expand our eco system.

c. Integrated 0xGen to provide multi-chain swap services.

d. Reached a strategic partnership with BitWell.

Some future plans


More listings.

Make improvements based on the mainnet testing result.

Reach out to some potential partners.

Invite other trading teams to deploy strategies on our platform.

Start new SAP public testing.

Design and test more interesting SAPs.


Test new SAPs.

Design and develop new functions.


Design Sypool Anniversary Event with other 6 projects.

Twitter Space with other projects.

Investors and partners:

Collaborate with protocols and wallets with dapp stores to launch our dapp.

Collaborate with trading teams and other projects to launch new SAP.

📟If you want to know more about Sypool, follow us on Twitter, join us on Telegram, drop in discord.



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Sypool Protocol

Sypool Protocol

Sypool is a synthetic asset management protocol.This is another innovation that we have migrated finance from off-chain to on-chain.