Sypool Protocol

Sep 8, 2021

2 min read

Some updates on Round 2

Testnet Fund Trading Competition Round 2 has started.

1. Quant SAP, Quant SAP-R1 and R2 are closed.

2. We will revise the calculation method of the return on SAP-R1 and SAP-R2.

The formula will be updated in few days after the testing.

APY=10%, D=14 Days, a=TVL(R1), b=TVL(R2), IDX=Quant SAP Return

3. Lastest rankings will be updated soon.

4. Farming rewards will be dropped soon.

5. We have added a new function: Crypto Trend. Now you could find some important information about BTC, ETH, USDT and UDSC. More currency is coming in the future.

The number of Active address and the price of BTC from 2020–9–8 to now

The number of active address increased a little at the end of last year and remained the average of 1.1M. It dropped continusly when the price start falling in the mid of this year.

The market began to recover at the end of July. Thanks to the Ethereum’s London hard fork, both BTC and ETH rose sharply from the end of July to the beginning of Sep.

6. Phantom is available this time.

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