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4 min readNov 15, 2023

As the first step in the Sypool rebranding, AI-TradeGenius has achieved significant milestones since its launch.

Our TradingView account has surpassed 1000 followers, with over 600 individuals subscribing to the invite-only indicators.

In our commitment to enhance the Sypool ecosystem and empower our token, SYP, we have decided to introduce fees for the invite-only indicators in the near future.

Performance Review

Before we delve into the details of this upcoming change, let’s take a moment to review the performance since the indicators were launched.

Case Studies:

1. On 10/23, our indicators signalled a BUY on BTC, resulting in a 29.73% gain for spot holders and a staggering 594.6% for those with 20x leverage.

2. During the August downturn, our indicators predicted the market movement, allowing spot sellers to avoid a 10.76% loss, while those with 20x leverage saw a profit of 215.16%.

User Case:

Upcoming Changes

After the commencement of fees, we will adjust the specific charges based on the fee structure. Additionally, we plan to introduce a burn mechanism in the future to enhance the strength of our own token, SYP.

Commitment to Token Holders

Our priority is to consider the well-being of our token holders, including our early supporters. We are committed to maintaining a fair and rewarding ecosystem for our community. The adjustment in fees is a strategic move to ensure sustainability and the introduction of a burn mechanism is aimed at benefiting our loyal supporters and bolstering the value of our token, SYP. We appreciate the continued support from our early backers and remain dedicated to fostering a thriving community.

Indicators Introduction

User Guide:

To understand how to use these public indicators effectively, Sypool provides a comprehensive user guide. You can access this guide at:

Public Indicators:

1. Mega Buying Force

Indicator Type: Bottom Fishing Type

Description: Through calculations involving trading volume and size distribution, employing AI algorithms, this approach distinguishes transaction amounts across various tiers. It segments trading volume into four dimensions: major players, institutions, whales, and retail traders. This effectively uncovers the trading trends of major players in the market.

2. Whale Trend Analysis

Indicator Type: Participant Structure Classification

Description: By utilizing calculations based on trading volume and size distribution, coupled with AI algorithms, this analysis discerns transaction amounts across different scales. It dissects trading volume into four dimensions: institutional investors, market whales, significant traders, and retail participants. This method effectively reveals the trading patterns of major market participants.

3. Momentum Eruption

Indicator Type: Momentum Indicator

Description: Combining the distribution of average transaction prices with corresponding trade volumes and utilizing AI algorithms to detect short to medium-term support and resistance within trends. This indicator aims to calculate critical points for price rebounds or pullbacks. When following a trend, long positions are initiated at pullback extremes, while short positions are taken at rebound extremes.

Invite-only Indicators

1. Trend Sentinel Barrier

Indicator Type: Trend Indicator

Description: The Trend Sentinel Barrier leverages cutting-edge technology to discern trend directions and capitalize on market dynamics by meticulously accumulating the cumulative volume of both bullish and bearish movements. Its sophisticated algorithm calculates short-term average costs, meticulously gauging the turnovers of both bullish and bearish forces. The result is a trend indicator that distinguishes genuine trends from false signals.

2. KD Momentum Matrix

Indicator Type: Momentum Indicator

Description: The KD Momentum Matrix, a cutting-edge short-term momentum indicator, harnesses innovative KD algorithms to offer a novel approach to identifying trends. This indicator facilitates the recognition of points where bullish and bearish momentum within a trend is either intensifying or waning, thereby empowering traders to optimize their profit-taking strategies.

3. Defensive Nexus Shield

Indicator Type: Trend Indicator + Breakout Indicator

Description: The Defensive Nexus Shield is your strategic ally in the intricate world of trading. It adeptly generates trend signals while pinpointing pivotal support and resistance levels, forming a robust fortress against the ebbs and flows of market dynamics. By showcasing areas of short-term defences against bullish and bearish pressures, this indicator brings to light potential trading opportunities, specifically when breaching these defensive thresholds.

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