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5 min readAug 19, 2021


Since we have more than 20,000 applicants, it will be inefficient to send devnet tokens to each address. So we changed some rules. Participants need to claim the test tokens on our testnet.

About Quant SAP-R1 and Quant SAP-R2, they are closed at first and will be open later, stay tuned for more information.

Here is an instruction of our testnet, including connecting wallet, claiming test tokens, minting/burning SAP and farming.

Here we po🐳!

Testnet link:

Entering testnet and connecting wallet

First, click GENSIS on the web page.

Click CONNET WALLET. Only Sollet is acceptable this time.

If it’s your first time to use sollet.

You will be required to create a new one. You will be provided with a 24 word mnemonic seed. It’s very important so you must keep these words safely.

Note: If you lose these words you will probably lose coins and tokens from your wallet.

After you have saved your seed words and click CONTINUE, you will be asked to enter seed words again to CONTINUE.

The last step is to set up your password and click CREATE WALLET.

Note: If you forget your password you will need to enter your wallet using your seed words.

If you already had a sollet.

Enter the password to UNLOCK your wallet. Then click CONNECT to connect with our testnet.

Now you can see our pools.

How to see my investment and claim test tokens

Click the avater on the side navigation bar to enter or click MY INVESTMENT on introduction page of each SAP.

Note: Your performance shows the total value of SAPs you hold, if you have no SAP, your performance will be zero!

Click CLAIM USDC TOKENS and CLAIM SYP TOKENS to get test tokens.

How to mint SAP

There are 6 pools in testing, select one pool and mint its SAP.

For example, click Quant SAP to a new page shows the performance of the pool.

Click MINT SAP, only USDC and SYP are acceptable.

Select the SAP you want to mint, for example, the Quant SAP. Enter the amount of SAP you want and select the token you want to use (Only USDC and SYP are acceptable this time). Then click MINT NOW. If it’s your first time to mint, sypool will help you to create a new account for Quant SAP.

Follow the instructions from your sollet and get your SAP.

Click the button to get the latest price and your balance.

Note: The process of transaction might be slow due to the crowded network. Please be patient.

Or you can enter this page by clicking MANAGE MY INVESTMENT in my investment page.

How to burn SAP

You can burn your SAP when it’s unlocked and redeem your tokens back.

For example, to burn Quant SAP, the operation is opposite to minting.

Enter the amount of SAP you want to burn and select the token you want to redeem back (Only USDC and SYP are acceptable this time). Then click BURN NOW.

How to farm

You can also get the profit by staking SYP.

Click FARM NOW and follow the instructions from the sollet (click APPROVE) to stake your SYP.

Click UNSTAKE to get your SYP back.

Click CLAIM to get the SYP you earn. The staking rewards will be dropped daily.

About the leaderboard

There is a leaderboard on testnet, top 5,000 will get the prize. The higher the ranking, the more prize you get. Top 50 will get role SYPOOL LEGEND on discord as additional rewards. The ranking depends on your trading performance.

Problems may be doomed to appear on testnet, once reported, we will fix them as soon as possible. We also welcome bug reports and constructive suggestions.

“Nothing’s perfect. Code neither. Debug work is endless.” — — Jackson. Co founder

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Sypool Protocol

Sypool is a synthetic asset management protocol.This is another innovation that we have migrated finance from off-chain to on-chain.